Discover 3 top Senior Transportation Options in California

Senior transportation is all about being care free
Senior transportation is all about being care free

When it comes to senior transportation, there comes a time when driving can bring more stress than freedom and independence.  Some might argue that after so many decades of driving and hard work, seniors deserve to be driven around more.

In California, there are more than 2,5 million drivers over the age of 70 who are faced with two options: Either renew their driver’s license every five years and go through meticulous medical, driving, and written tests or hang their car keys for good. 

So if a senior has to go for the second option,  what senior transportation services are there to make sure that decision won’t limit that person’s transportation capacity?

Public Senior Transportation

Public transportation offers senior citizens a great opportunity to experience California’s cities from a renewed perspective. One that has less to do with driving to get from point A to point B and more with looking around and enjoying every bit of the ride.

Today, more and more Californian Seniors prefer to get a ride with a bus, a light rail, the subway, or with a ferry. It allows them to take in everything their city has to offer, which they couldn’t enjoy as much in the past, having to keep their eyes on the road as drivers.

Choosing any means of public transport provides more reasons for seniors to be glad. They offer efficiency, safety, they are eco-friendly and they are affordable. In fact with some transport systems, seniors can buy multi-day passes to explore their City from dusk till dawn if they choose to do so. To get great deals on tickets, it’s best to check online before setting off. For seniors local to the San Francisco Bay Area, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission website is a good place to start. It provides information on all kinds of transportation services from public transit to carpooling. 

Also if a senior needs to travel beyond the limits of their city,  Greyhound is always the service for them. The country’s primary long-distance bus company also offers routes that connect California’s big cities and the state’s rural destinations.  

Medical Senior Transportation

Senior transportation isn’t always for going around the city or visiting family and friends. It could also be for that regular health check-up at the hospital, going for a physio, or getting a drive-through vaccination against Covid19.  Even on such non-emergency occasions, safety and professionalism are crucial in every ride. 

There are numerous private senior transportation services in California should a senior citizen need one. A search in yelp shows a list of them to choose from. They are sorted according to rating and also include many reviews by seniors and their family members. 

But what if someone can’t afford private senior transportation to go to the doctor? The California Medical Assistance Program, also known as MediCal is there to make sure that seniors and other individuals in the State with low income can get a ride to their medical appointment. 

As of 2018, around 13,3 million people, about one-third of California’s population, were registered to use MediCal. For eligible seniors who have enrolled in the program through a managed care plan, all they need to do is to call their plan’s member service department and ask for non-emergency medical transportation. A prescription from a licensed health provider will also be required.

Ziphawk  – Rideshare Seniors Transportation

Ziphawk's care, safety, and professionalism is setting the highest standards in senior transportation.
Ziphawk‘s care, safety, and professionalism is setting the highest standards in senior transportation.  

Ziphawk is a new ride-hailing service that is setting the highest standards of care, safety, and professionalism in the rideshare business. Thus it makes for an ideal senior transportation app.  

Ziphawk Care
Seniors and their families will instantly feel a greater sense of care, the moment they enter a Ziphawk car. Each one of the company’s 100% Premium fleet is a 4-door car, truck, or minivan and is always less than 10 years old. 

Also when it comes to pricing, seniors can rest assured that there will not be any surprises on their way. Unlike other rideshare platforms, Ziphawk’s consistent pricing policy guarantees flat rates for rides. So senior passengers always know how much the ride fare to visit their grandchildren costs without this changing from one day to the next.

Ziphawk Safety
When seniors like to go independently wherever they want and their families wish to be sure their loved ones are safe, Ziphawk provides the best service for both. By installing dash cams on drivers and passengers in all Ziphawk cars, together with the company’s safety monitoring system, family members can monitor a ride in real-time and be assured that their loved one has safely reached their destination.  

Ziphawk Drivers
The professionalism one can notice evidently in Ziphawk drivers isn’t by chance. Ziphawk Drivers go through a very thorough vetting process to make sure the company partners only with the best and safest rideshare drivers in California. Before their first ride, all drivers are fingerprinted and have to pass three different background checks. 

Furthermore, Ziphawk works towards forging real partnerships with all its drivers, bringing out the best they have to offer. With the company’s “Fare is Fair” and “Instant Pay” policies, drivers are being justly and timely rewarded as the exemplary professionals they truly are. 

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