What opt-in safety features can I get with Ziphawk?

What opt-in safety features can I get with Ziphawk?

Ziphawk offers enhanced safety features that you may opt to use in your ride. One such feature allows you to have a photographic/video record live-streamed to another Ziphawk User during your ride with Ziphawk. 

If as a Rider or Organizer you choose to use this feature, you will be able to record video and potentially audio during the ride. This session will be recorded and broadcasted (e.g., to an Organizer) without any opt-in. If you opt-in for Ziphawk customer support video monitoring, the session will be recorded, broadcasted, and provided to Ziphawk specialists to help monitor the use of the Rideshare Services or for any lawful purposes.

For more information, please read the full Ziphawk Terms Of Use Agreement.

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