What is Ziphawk’s policy on Driver Misconduct?

What is Ziphawk’s policy on Driver Misconduct?

Ziphawk has a  Zero Tolerance Policy on driver’s misconduct. This means that it reserves the right to suspend any Driver upon a report of any Driver misconduct associated with a ride, for reasons including, unsafe driving, violation of the Ziphawk’s policies, or inappropriate behavior. 

During the suspension, the Driver will not be allowed to provide any Rideshare Services. 

Ziphawk may conduct an investigation of the reported misconduct, during which Ziphawk will contact the Driver and any relevant Riders or Organizers for an account of the misconduct. Based upon the results of the investigation, Ziphawk will decide, in its sole discretion, whether to lift the stay or permanently suspend the Driver from the Platform or from providing Rideshare Services. 

Ziphawk also maintains a zero-tolerance policy regarding Drivers who, during a ride: (a) use alcohol, illegal substances, or misuse prescription medications, (b) violate applicable traffic laws, or (c) drive recklessly. Upon any such violations, Ziphawk reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Driver’s access to the Platform, pending further investigation.

For more information, please read the full Ziphawk Terms Of Use Agreement.

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