What happens if a rider damages my vehicle?

What happens if a rider damages my vehicle?

Riders should use a Driver’s vehicle with proper care and respect. Otherwise, as a driver, you are entitled to ask for additional charges on Riders if any damage occurred during their ride. All Drivers are encouraged to take photos of any such damages to assist in the documentation of such claim.

Organizers will be responsible for the cost of repair of such damage or necessary cleaning of vehicles and property resulting from the use of the Rideshare Services that is in excess of normal “wear and tear.”  In the event that a Repair or Cleaning request is verified by Ziphawk, at Ziphawk’s reasonable discretion, Ziphawk may facilitate payment for the reasonable cost of such Repair or Cleaning using the payment method designated in your Ziphawk Account. Such amounts will be transferred by Ziphawk to any applicable third parties and are non-refundable.

For more information, please read the full Ziphawk Terms Of Use Agreement.

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