Employee Benefits

You have a lot of options when it comes to rideshare jobs. There are many companies out there you can choose to work for. But Ziphawk offers something unique that could really benefit you—the opportunity to become an employee!. A lot of companies such as Lyft and Uber do not offer this, and by keeping you as a contractor, they also keep you from receiving any benefits. Benefits like, 401k, 401k matching, health insurance, paid time off, and more!. All while still having the complete freedom and control over your schedule!. Learn a little bit about our employee benefits here and join now for fabulous benefits! 

Become a W2 Employee 

Unlike other rideshare companies, working with Ziphawk offers you the opportunity to become a W2 employee. We value our employees and know that you need and deserve benefits. We are happy to provide them for you. All we ask is that you work for us exclusively for Ziphawk, rather than spreading your time between us and other rideshare companies. But don’t worry, there is no requirement to become an employee. If you simply want to stay a contractor while you feel it out, or enjoy working with multiple platforms and want to keep it that way, that’s fine too. We offer both options to ensure everyone is happy. We are confident, however, that once you’ve worked with us for long enough, you’ll be thrilled to become an exclusive partner of ours and leave the other apps behind! When you work with us, we’ll make sure you get everything you require in one place. Join our team today!

What We Offer

Ziphawk is proud to offer our employees health insurance, job security, and a proper 401K. We believe a job should provide you with more than just enough to make it through the week. You should be able to depend on it to provide for you for a lifetime. We are a company that cares for its employees. You work hard for us, so we will work hard for you. It’s that simple. Join our team today!

Why Choose Us?

Ziphawk is not like other rideshare companies. We feel our employees are more than just a means to making us money. We want you to be able to fund your own lives as well. We do not believe we will get anywhere by exploiting the people who help our business run. We will provide you with what you need to be comfortable and successful. Join our team now! 

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