Best Rideshare Companies in San Diego

Until now, rideshare companies in San Diego were pretty much the same as anywhere else in California, the U.S. and in many countries of the world. These were the usual apps such as Lyft and Uber, who have come to dominate the market. But with automobiles being the primary means of transportation for over 80 percent of San Diego residents, it raises the question, are San Diegans getting the best rideshare companies they deserve? 

Less rideshare drivers more waiting for San Diego riders

The Covid-19 pandemic kept most riders at home. Consequently, business for rideshare drivers’ was severely hit causing  their numbers to drastically drop. According to SDSU Marketing Professor, Miro Copic quoted by NBC San Diego in a recent report, “For the first quarter, the supply of drivers signing into the app is down 40% on average…”. Less drivers now mean more waiting for San Diego riders with the first looking like they prefer to hold on before they get back on the wheel, hoping for better rates in the future. For them the days when a ride from San Diego Airport to Balboa Park was fair for drivers and for riders, have long gone. 

Still, even under such unprecedented circumstances brought by the pandemic,  there’s so much more rideshare companies in San Diego and elsewhere can do to provide the best ride hailing service to riders. In fact, there’s a new rideshare app in San Diego that is doing exactly that. 

Ziphawk –  The New Rideshare Company in San Diego

Ziphawk was founded to be one of the best rideshare companies in San Diego

Ziphawk is the first ever driver centered – ride hailing app, launching in California. It was founded to be one of the best rideshare companies in San Diego by bringing care back into the business and treating its drivers as real partners. This is essential to get them to drive again and provide a better service for riders too. 

Ziphawk “Fare is Fair”

Ziphawk’s “Fare is Fair” policy is setting a new paradigm on making rideshare more fair for drivers and riders, equally.

Now with Ziphawk, drivers pay only a monthly subscription to get on the platform and nothing more. This puts an end to the undercutting on rides many drivers have experienced with other rideshare apps. Ziphawk’s “Fare is Fair” programme also makes surge pricing history. Drivers and riders now both have a clear idea how much a certain ride in San Diego costs, without this being changed by demand. This makes everything all the more transparent. 

Ziphawk Instant Pay

This is just another reason to get San Diego drivers behind the wheel with a smile on their face. Zihawk Instant Pay, makes weekly paying cycles of other rideshare apps, a thing of the past. Now what the rider pays is what the driver gets, instantly, at the end of every ride. That makes all the difference for drivers. But riders too can benefit from having a happy driver taking them to their destination.

Ziphawk Safety

When it comes to drivers’ and riders’ safety, Ziphawk doesn’t leave anything to chance. Ziphawk Drivers go through a very thorough vetting process to make sure the company partners only with the best and safest rideshare drivers in San Diego. Also by installing dash cams on drivers and passengers in all Ziphawk cars, together with the company’s safe monitoring system,  drivers and riders are looked after in real-time.

In a city with a major tourism industry on the way to recovery after Covid 19, San Diego Rideshare companies could lead the way just like Ziphawk in bringing more care and quality into the business. This can only make everyday life in San Diego even better for drivers and riders alike.

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