3 Best Rideshare Apps in Los Angeles

With rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft dominating cities across the country, it raises the question, is being dominant enough to put you among the best rideshare apps in Los Angeles? 

Los Angeles has always been a fertile ground for great ideas and not just in showbusiness. They say that one of Lyft’s founders, Logan Green, had the initial inspiration for the company, after sharing rides from Santa Barbara to visit his girlfriend in LA. So in a city that embraces creativity and innovation, surely there must be room for more and better rideshare apps in Los Angeles than the ones we already know. 

Surely there must be room for better rideshare apps in Los Angeles
Surely there must be room for better rideshare apps in Los Angeles

Are Uber and Lyft the Best Rideshare Apps in Los Angeles?

Undoubtedly Uber and Lyft do seem to be the most obvious choices when thinking of ride hailing. But that alone doesn’t necessarily make them the best rideshare apps in Los Angeles.

It is true that the two big ride hailing services have revolutionized the way we can get to the airport or in town, making it much faster and easier to hire a ride. Instead of having to hail a taxi on the street, now all you have to do is tap on your smartphone and your driver is on his way. No need to carry cash to pay either and also you have a pretty accurate idea of the time you will arrive at your destination. 

Downsides of Uber and Lyft’s  Dominance

However, the dominance of Uber and Lyft that naturally came along thanks to such -never seen before- convenience, brought some downsides too on the way. After a honeymoon period of several years that the two big rideshare apps enjoyed, what was a perfect paradigm of the gig service economy, started to become a story of disillusionment initially for drivers and with riders following suit. 

Drivers increasingly started to have less control over how much they can earn as independent contractors on the rideshare apps.  That combined with the Covid 19 pandemic has caused great driver shortages in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Consequently, the higher demand means that riders are now waiting longer and have to pay a lot more.Despite the two big rideshare apps’ efforts to get drivers back on the road, including Uber’s $250 million driver stimulus, many drivers remain unconvinced. And the question is, can money alone mend a relationship when the honeymoon is way over? What can really make rideshare drivers in Los Angeles and all over the country happy again? Whatever it is, it could ultimately make riders happy as well!

Ziphawk – The New Rideshare App in Town!

Ziphawk - Set to be one of the best rideshare apps in Los Angeles by bringing care back into the business.
Ziphawk – Set to be one of the best rideshare apps in Los Angeles by bringing care back into the business.

Ziphawk is the first ever driver centered – ride hailing app, launching in California. It was founded to be one of the best rideshare apps in Los Angeles by bringing care back into the business and treating its drivers as real partners. This is essential to get them to drive again and provide a better service for riders too. 

Ziphawk “Fare is Fair”

Ziphawk’s “Fare is Fair” policy is setting a new paradigm on making rideshare more fair for drivers and riders, equally. 
Now with Ziphawk, drivers pay only a monthly subscription to get on the platform and nothing more. This puts an end to the undercutting on rides many drivers have experienced with other rideshare apps. Ziphawk’s “Fare is Fair” programme also makes surge pricing history. Drivers and riders now both have a clear idea how much a certain ride in Los Angeles costs, without this being changed by demand. This makes everything all the more transparent. 

Ziphawk Instant Pay

This is just another reason to get LA drivers behind the wheel with a smile on their face. Zihawk Instant Pay, makes weekly paying cycles of other rideshare apps, a thing of the past. Now what the rider pays is what the driver gets, instantly, at the end of every ride. That makes all the difference for drivers. But riders too can benefit from having a happy driver taking them to their destination.

Ziphawk Safety

When it comes to drivers’ and riders’ safety, Ziphawk doesn’t leave anything to chance. Ziphawk Drivers go through a very thorough vetting process to make sure the company partners only with the best and safest rideshare drivers in Los Angeles. Also by installing dash cams on drivers and passengers in all Ziphawk cars, together with the company’s safe monitoring system,  drivers and riders are looked after in real-time.

There’s Always Room for Better Rideshare Apps in LA

Ziphawk as well as other ride hailing challengers, have come to prove that in Los Angeles and in many other cities around the country, there is always room for ride share apps who prefer to be the best instead of just being the biggest. In order for them to succeed, all it takes is to put care back in the driver’s seat. 

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