Accessibility and Ziphawk

Many people with disabilities have had their mobility transformed by our technology and drivers. We are committed to continue to create solutions that allow everyone to move freely in their communities.

Ziphawk for passengers with disabilities

Ziphawk’s technology helps improve mobility and independence for passengers with disabilities.

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Ride on Demand & Save Time

The Ziphawk app makes it easy for passengers with disabilities to get from point A to point B without an intermediary. Hundreds of qualified drivers are available throughout the day at the touch of a button.
Plan your rides in advance or request immediately.

Estimated Cost and
Cashless Payments

Know how much you are going to pay before you start your ride. Connect your credit card and forget about cash and change.

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Safety During the Ride

When you book with us you know your driver’s details. For added security, Ziphawk cars can be tracked in real time, while 2-way dashcams add an extra peace of mind for families.

Passengers with Disabilities

Accessibility preferences can be set up at any time throughout the app’s use or during a ride request.

Select whether you require a vehicle that can accommodate wheelchairs or assistance dogs.
Select whether you have vision, hearing, or any other limitations.

You will be picked up by a suitable driver.

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Are you a driver?


Drivers with Disabilities

Drivers with disabilities, such as hearing difficulties, can set them in the Ziphawk app. This way, passengers can be informed in advance and avoid misunderstandings.

Set up Accessibility

You can set up accessibility options in the Ziphawk app whether your vehicle can accommodate wheelchairs, pets, or other features.

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