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Ziphawk proposes to operate a digital network for passengers to arrange transportation through an application (“app”) with Ziphawk’s independent drivers using personal vehicles. Founded by Bhawna Patkar, President and CEO, Ziphawk is a rising technology service provider in the TNC industry, which Ms. Patkar created to solve the problems relating to transportation that many Americans face on a daily basis



Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Ziphawk has examined business models of the traditional TNCs and identified ways to improve the ridesharing experience for both drivers and passengers. Ziphawk is a driver-centered ride hailing application, which treats its drivers as real partners. Ziphawk is a commission-free ride sharing service which mean drivers get paid in full. This approach in turn benefits the public because the drivers provide better service to the passengers.
Especially with the downturn in the public’s reliance on TNCservices during the Covid 19 pandemic and the resulting loss
of TNC drivers, Ziphawk’s focus has given drivers an incentive to return to the road and provide transportation services needed by the public. There is always room for ridesharing apps to aim to be the best instead of just being the biggest. Ziphawk’s philosophy is that to succeed, it must put care back in the driver’s seat.

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Fare is Fair

“Fare is Fair” policy

An important feature of Ziphawk’s business model is called the “Fare is Fair” policy, which establishes a new paradigm for making TNC services more fair to drivers and riders, equally. With Ziphawk, drivers pay a monthly subscription to get on the platform and nothing more. This puts an end to the undercutting on rides many drivers experienced with other TNC apps. Ziphawk’s “Fare is Fair” policy also makes surge pricing history. As a result, both drivers and riders now have more transparency because they have a clear idea of how much a certain ride costs without this being changed due to demand.

Instant Pay

As encouragement to drivers to get behind the wheel, Ziphawk Instant Pay makes weekly paying cycles a thing of the past.
Now what the rider pays is what the driver gets, instantly, at the end of each ride. That makes all the difference for drivers, while riders benefit too from having a content driver taking them to their destination. Drivers can keep track of their daily earnings and ratings to improve their performance. Ziphawk leaves nothing to chance when it comes to drivers’ and riders’ safety by going through a very thorough vetting process to make sure the company partners only with the best and safest TNC drivers. Also, by installing 2-way dash cams on drivers and passengers in Ziphawk cars, together with the Ziphawk’s safe monitoring system, drivers and riders are looked after in real-time. Other important features of Ziphawk’s business model include the scheduling of rides for school drop-offs, pick-ups, after school activities, carpools and more; effortless communication between drivers and riders through use of the app to chat directly via call, text or email; the option to book and monitor a friend’s ride; and an ability for riders to share rides.
Ziphawk also prides itself on 100% investment in local communities.

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