11 Top Rideshare Driver Tips you Should Always Keep in Mind

RIdeshare driving might seem like an easy job but there’s more to remember than just putting your foot on the pedal. Here are 11 important rideshare driver tips you want to remember that will make your learning curve as a driver an easier ride. 

There are some rideshare driver tips you really want to remember when you're on the road.
There are some rideshare driver tips you really want to remember when you’re on the road.

Rideshare driver tips #1
Always make sure you got the right passenger

Let’s say you just arrived at the pick up location to find a man standing there. He enters your car after responding with a plain “yes” when asked if he is Jack who called that ride. Now, can you see something wrong here?
Being absolutely sure you’re picking up the right person is very important and keeps you on the safeside. So the question you should always ask is simply “What’s your name?”. Let them confirm with you instead of the other way around which can be risky.

Rideshare driver tips #2
Never forget your doors unlocked 

Having your doors locked on your way to pick up a ride is something all new rideshare drivers need to remember. Especially during night-time when bars close and people under the influence of alcohol are trying to go home, the last thing you want is a random stranger getting into your car trying to get a ride off you.

Rideshare driver tips #3
Better drive full time if you’re using a rental car for rideshare.

Rideshare companies have many car rental programs on offer for drivers. If you opt for any of them, you have to be able to drive full time to keep yourself afloat and make a worthwhile profit. At the same time, there are some people who choose to drive in rideshare only throughout the weekends just to cover that cost. That’s smart if someone needs a car for work during the rest of the week and that’s the only way they can have one.

Rideshare driver tips #4
Make sure your rideshare platform’s license covers you to pick up unaccompanied minors. 

Many states like California, prohibit most carriers including TNCs to drive unaccompanied minors. Therefore you have to be certain that the platform you’re working with has you covered before driving unaccompanied underage passengers. If you do ahead and carry unaccompanied kids regardless, you are risking getting a ticket or being liable in case of an accident.

Rideshare driver tips #5
Don’t waste gas and mileage, driving around looking for rides. 

It’s a common mistake new drivers make, to drive in search of a ride. This can turn into a big waste of money and time. Once you drop off a passenger, let’s say at their home or to a park, it’s best to park down the block and wait for your next ride instead of driving around. You can still get that ride you’re after without throwing away precious gas and car miles.

Rideshare driver tips #6
Take enough breaks and sleep

Not taking enough breaks nor enough sleep is a double jeopardy, some drivers forget how serious it is. By staying in the same position behind the wheel even less than three hours, your whole body gets stiff, you are exhausted and that can’t be good for your health. Remember to get out of your car every one to two hours, walk around a bit and stretch. Also make sure you get your 8 hours of sleep at night. Remember that by driving drowsy you are turning your car into a dangerous five thousand pounds heavy machinery.

Rideshare driver tips #7
Drive safely and follow all traffic laws

This might sound like an obvious tip to follow being a rideshare driver. Still, there are times when some drivers speed just to get to their pick up destination quickly. Remember, your passengers won’t mind if you arrive there a minute later. On the other hand, getting a ticket or getting into an accident from reckless driving is the last thing you want.

Rideshare driver tips #8
Say “hello”

A stranger is about to get into your car for a ride. In this case, saying hello and being cordial is a no brainer but sometimes drivers forget how important it is. Forging a human connection with a greeting and a smile to your passengers, sets the tone for a good ride and it can also leave you with more tips at the end of the day!

Rideshare driver tips #9
When driving at night, don’t forget your caffeine

Even if you had your eight hours of sleep in the day, trying to keep your eyes on the road while driving at night is a strain. To avoid night time drowsiness, your cup of coffee or energy drink can be your best friend during these early hours. Have it safely placed in your car’s cup-holder and have a sip every so often to keep yourself alert. 

Rideshare driver tips #10
Passengers changing their destination: Always through the app!

It’s very often with rides that passengers change their mind about where they would like to be dropped off. If they request to change their final destination, you should kindly ask them to do it themselves through the platform’s app. Doing so you ensure the rideshare app knows that you haven’t got lost and therefore you’re protecting yourself from malicious reporting.

Rideshare driver tips #11
Go online to learn from other drivers’ experiences

One of the best things any rideshare driver can do to maximize their income is to learn from their peers. Today there’s a lot of hard-earned knowledge drivers are sharing through social media and youtube, forming a strong community. Going on rideshare Facebook groups or youtube channels will give you a heads up on what other drivers are doing and will help you form your own strategy to optimize your profits.

If there’s one thing to remember as a rideshare driver it is that “the more trips you do the more tips you learn on the way”. And that’s probably the most important tip for rideshare drivers. Gaining more knowledge on ridesharing and making the most out of it, is just as important as being a good driver on the road. It’s when you know that you have both hands on the wheel!

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